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Richard Morris Home


Signings and Readings




 What Readers Say!

from Cologne



  Patsy Anderson Show
WOLB 1010 AM Talk Radio June 11 - 1:00 PM

































songs of war, peace and love from Vietnam


hear the songs
or buy a CD
at CD Baby!  

19 Vietnam War Songs
written and performed by Richard Morris

Lyrics at


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Temporary Website

Richard Morris

My official website & blog is

Appearances, Signings and Readings
Well Considered

  Coming Up!

   5/21/11  Gaithersburg Book Festival  - Gaithersburg, MD -
       I am a featured author and will be giving a presentation from 10:30- 11:00 a.m.
       in the F. Scott Fitgerald Pavilion followed by a 30 minute signing at our booth.
   5/30/11  Memorial Day Writers Project - Washington, D.C.
   6/4/11    Bowiefest 2011  - Bowie, MD  -
   6/22/11-6/26/11  UUGA, Charlotte, NC
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   10/2/11  Takoma Park Street Festival  - Takoma Park, MD - 
   Date to be determined - Prince George's County Historical Society Book & Author Event


   4-17-11 - Kensington International Day of the Book - Kensington, MD - Also see "Pelicans in Kensington?" at

  9-18-10        Capital Book Fest ? Harrisburg, PA ? Harrisburg, PA ?Capital Book Fest
  9-25-10        Baltimore Bookfest -- Baltimore Book Festival  
  9-30 -10-2    AARP Convention ?Orlando, FL   Orlando Florida AARP Convention
  10-2-10         Capital Book Fest ? Largo, MD ? Largo, MD ?Capital Book Fest
  10-3-10         Takoma Park Street Festival  Takoma Park Street Festival
  11-6-10         Capital Book Fest ? Charleston, SC ? Charleston, SC ?Capital Bookfest
  11-11-10       Veterans Day on Washington Mall - Memorial Day Writers Project
  11-14-10       Miami Book Fair International




Order ONLINE at,,, and other online booksellers.

OR Order BY PHONE at 1-800-288-4677.

Ask your BOOKSTORE to order Well Considered for you
from Ingram
  ISBN: 978-1-4502-0388-3 (sc),  ISBN: 978-1-4502-0390-6 (dj)
Bookstore discount is standard and unsold copies are returnable
by the store to Ingram.                    
              Paperback $17.95 ?
Hardback  $27.95

  "A profoundly memorable and affecting novel"  
    Robert Fleming,                   

   "A multilayered thriller"  Kirkus Discoveries

           Well Considered
   A novel of suspense, mystery, history, and humor,
   as Ron Watkins looks into the 1907 mob murder
   of his great-grandfather on a Maryland tobacco

      ?/span>Well Considered is a suspenseful but deeply moving novel that
      gripped me
throughout. I recommend it.?nbsp;        William C. Byers

ays after finishing the read, I continued to be lost in its prevailing attitudes.
      Choice is always an aspect of a great book."
                  ?/font>J.G. Rose / ALA / NJASL / Media Specialist

      More Blurbs What Other Readers Say!



       "I love the way Wilfred recycles the
     bodies. That's fabulous stuff  with a
     direct line to Heller's Catch-22 and
     perfectly captures  the insanity of
    the Vietnam War."

   Richard Peabody, editor
Gargoyle Magazine


Readers call it:

- a riveting read that blends drama, romance and humor

realism  that only someone who was there can appreciate


- powerful; how war changes men


  - humor, irony, tragedy and spirituality

all woven together

  - an anti-war novel in the best tradition

  (but  aren't all war novels anti-war novels)

- altogether hilarious, dinky dau,
delightfully wacky

- zany
...tactics that foil the army brass

Read it one long night and loved it!

-- Ole fart "Poppa," Southwest USA
July 2008

As a fellow Cav trooper, this book brought back fond memories of the tag heuer replica great friends and infrequent happy moments made and shared by soldiers growing out of the tag heuer replica uk unreal existence that was combat...
a story of what could/should have been.

It had me laughing out loud at how dinky-dau we and Morris's characters had gotten.

Hilarious, dinky dau, delightfully wacky!

Cologne No. 10 For Men 
  a Vietnam novel by Richard Morris

  finally a cure for the stink of war


Writer's Digest says This is truly a superb novel of the Vietnam war, a novel that compares favorably with those earlier dark humor?war novels such as CATCH-22 and M.A.S.H. The writing crackles with authenticity.?/i>

Kirkus says: A soldier in Vietnam invents a uniquely absurd solution to the horrors of war.

A relatively nave Wilfred Carmenghetti comes to the Far East to outmaneuver the draft and save the Western world, but when he lands at the First Battalion to join an air-mobile replica watches for sale platoon in the 13th Cavalry, the young Army lieutenant is greeted with a profane censure of communism and the offer of a $30 prostitute. Once he replica rolex gets over his initial dismay, Wilfred accepts his place in this peculiar milieu by bonding with a black rabble-rouser named Joshua Henry and falling madly in love with a dilettante Vietnamese girl.

Morris, once a rifle platoon leader who tread in the same rice paddies as his fictional character, writes convincingly of battle, bloodshed and the disarming brevity of sudden, violent death. He also infuses his war fake rolex sale story with the black humor prevalent in many modern American war stories like Catch-22 or M.A.S.H. as Wilfred struggles to outmaneuver the incompetently bureaucratic Lt. Col. Clary, his lapdog Capt. Simms and an engaging, philosophical Vietnamese spy. The book, played out in chanel replica sale discrete segments following groups of characters on missions that usually relate more to their own motivations than the company line, also carries echoes of Tim OBriens similarly toned The Things They Carried.

Eventually Wilfred, traumatized by his experiences and absorbed in a debate with himself over the nature of humanity, arrives at a fanciful conclusion that involves recycling the bodies of dead Vietcong to satisfy his superiors appetite for grossly elevated body counts. What we need to create is the functional equivalent of war: Everything except the killing,?he says. To wit, the illusion of war.

A funny and serviceable satire about the gross rationalizations that propel war and peace. "  ?/font>Kirkus Discoveries Review

Available at,,, and other on-line
(search on Cologne No. 10 For Men), or call 1-800-288-4677.
Paperback  $14.95
Hardback  $24.95





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