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What Readers Say About Well Considered

  Well Considered
gives an interesting historical perspective on Southern Maryland
   where so many people in the past have worked in tobacco fields.

         ?b>C. Bruce Johnson, TV anchorman, WUSA9, Washington, DC author of Heart to Heart


  Well Considered is a modern-day quest tale, enlivened by the protagonists'
  interesting and believable pursuit of historical facts.  
         ?b>Susan Pearl, Historian, Prince George's County Historical Society.        


Morris has written an entertaining novel on a difficult subject ?how neighbors of different races can break through the color line and become friends.?nbsp;

                           ?/font>Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed, author, In Between, Memoirs of An Integration Baby

Well Considered reminds us that even today we must be vigilant against hate groups and vigilante justice.  
                           ?b>June White Dillard, Esq., President, NAACP ?Prince Georges County, MD, Branch


As an African-American attorney who moved into the Washington-Annapolis area from California, I empathize with Rons adjustment to the Southeast, with an emphasis on 'South.'  I particularly appreciate how Richard Morris tries to grapple with some of the complexities of race rolex replica sale relations in America, and capsulizes the universal truth that individual chanel replica sale relationships, like the one developed between Ron and Annie, are key to replica watches sale closing the chasm between the races. Once you have a true understanding of a person's life struggles and history, many of the perceived barriers to community and even friendship, fall away. 
                           ?b>Deon C. Merene, Washington, D.C. and Maryland


The reader gladly joins the protagonist as he omega replica sale methodically researches the past to uncover the truth behind a wretched murder in his family. The rolex replica sale suspense escalates as modern-day evil threatens to repeat history. I definitely rolex replica sale felt compelled to turn the pages right to the very end.
                           ?b>Wendy Kedzierski, Founding Editor, Child Guide Magazine

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Genealogy is generally considered a dull, but safe, obsession suitable for elderly folks with weak hearts. However, in Well Considered, the hero, Ron Watkins, finds climbing his family tree to be anything but dull; in fact, it is full of surprising twists and turns which leave the reader alternately claustrophobic or terrorized. Ancestral research has seldom been more gripping.      
                           ?b>Laird C. Towle, Ph.D., founder and formerly CEO of Heritage Books, Inc.

Well Considered is a suspenseful but deeply moving novel that gripped me throughout.       
                           ?b>William C. Byers, artist and educator

Racism and injustice
 are part of American history; Well Considered tells some of the story.
 ?/font>Joseph B. Herring, historian, author of The Enduring Indians of Kansas:
                                   A Century and a Half of Acculturation
and Kenekuk, the Kickapoo Prophet.

Days after finishing the read, I continued to be lost in its prevailing attitudes. Choice is always an aspect of a great book.
   ?/font>J.G. Rose / ALA / NJASL / Media Specialist


Through the novel's diverse characters and points of view - 360-degree covereage, if you will - Well Considered helped me to refine my views as to race relations, but it did not attempt to tell me what to think.

                            ?/font>Samuel F. Heffner, retired businessman


     This book is a page turner, weaving together the tales of two families, one white, one African-American, as they confront their past and stumble towards their future.
     The lives of their ancestors collided a century ago, and through a suspenseful plot, they collide again today, in "Patuxent County" outside Washington DC. Morris lives in Prince George's County, Maryland, one of the most diverse in the country, and locals will recognize this region and its complex history as the basis for his novel. The descendants of slaves and sharecroppers, tobacco farmers and white supremacists live side by side with recent implants. The location is a microcosm for the rest of the nation, and the characters, dialogue, and inter-racial relationships, as well as the action and drama, will hold much interest for all readers.

     Morris has a wry sense of humor and a deft ear for dialog between characters having many different racial and cultural backgrounds. Also, as we saw in his Vietnam-era novel, Cologne No. 10 for Men, Morris knows how to put together gripping action scenes. And his deep humanity comes across in the way the story resolves.

                           ?/font>Michael A. Gollin, Esq., author of Driving Innovation

Michael A. Gollin, Esq., author of Driving Innovation

     Novels by Richard Morris  - Hyattsville, Maryland  ?/font>  ?/font>
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      Well Considered
: soft $17.95, hard $27.95  ?/font>  Cologne No. 10 For Men:  soft: $14.95, hard $24.95

      Writer's Digest
says about Cologne No. 10 For Men: This is truly a superb novel of the Vietnam war, a novel
      that compares favorably with those earlier dark humor?war novels such as CATCH-22 and M.A.S.H.
      The writing crackles with authenticity.?/font>